Class and Object

[Set – 1]

1. Define a class student with the following specification
Private members of class student
admno                        integer
sname                        20 character
eng. math, science       float
total                            float
ctotal()                        a function to calculate eng + math + science with float return type.
Public member function of class student
Takedata()                   Function to accept values for admno, sname, eng, science and invoke ctotal() to calculate total.
Showdata()                   Function to display all the data members on the screen. solution

2.  Define a class batsman with the following specifications:
Private members:
bcode                            4 digits code number
bname                           20 characters
innings, notout, runs        integer type
batavg                           it is calculated according to the formula –
                                     batavg =runs/(innings-notout)
calcavg()                        Function to compute batavg
Public members:
readdata()                      Function to accept value from bcode, name, innings, notout and invoke the function                                       calcavg()
displaydata()                   Function to display the data members on the screen. solution

3. Define a class TEST in C++ with following description:
Private Members
TestCode of type integer
Description of type string
NoCandidate of type integer
CenterReqd (number of centers required) of type integer
A member function CALCNTR() to calculate and return the number of centers as
Public Members
-  A function SCHEDULE() to allow user to enter values for TestCode, Description, NoCandidate & call function CALCNTR() to calculate the number of Centres
- A function DISPTEST() to allow user to view the content of all the data members solution

4.  Define a class in C++ with following description:
Private Members
A data member Flight number of type integer
A data member Destination of type string
A data member Distance of type float
A data member Fuel of type float
A member function CALFUEL() to calculate the value of Fuel as per the following criteria
            Distance                                                          Fuel
            <=1000                                                           500
            more than 1000  and <=2000                          1100
            more than 2000                                              2200
Public Members
A function FEEDINFO() to allow user to enter values for Flight Number, Destination, Distance & call function CALFUEL() to calculate the quantity of Fuel
A function SHOWINFO() to allow user to view the content of all the data members solution

5. Define a class BOOK with the following specifications :
Private members of the class BOOK are
BOOK NO                integer type
BOOKTITLE             20 characters
PRICE                     float (price per copy)
TOTAL_COST()        A function to calculate the total cost for N number of copies where N is passed to the function as argument.
Public members of the class BOOK are
INPUT()                   function to read BOOK_NO. BOOKTITLE, PRICE
PURCHASE()            function to ask the user to input the number of copies to be purchased. It invokes TOTAL_COST() and prints the total cost to be paid by the user.
Note : You are also required to give detailed function definitions. solution

6. Define a class REPORT with the following specification:
Private members :
adno                         4 digit admission number
name                        20 characters
marks                       an array of 5 floating point values
average                    average marks obtained
GETAVG()                 a function to compute the average obtained in five subject
Public members:
READINFO()              function to accept values for adno, name, marks. Invoke the function GETAVG()            
DISPLAYINFO()          function to display all data members of report on the screen.
You should give function definitions. solution