C++ Hangman Game Project

In the game of Hangman, the computer chooses a word at random from a given list of words. This word is the answer. The player then tries to guess the word, by guessing one letter at a time. Whenever the user guesses a letter that is in the answer, all occurrences of that letter are revealed to the user. The game ends when the user has guessed every letter in the word, before he reaches the allowed number of strikes (usually 5). This program is an interactive Hangman game. The focus is to use and manipulate strings and loops. download projectdownload project

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

const int MAX_TRIES=5;
int letterFill (char, string, string&);

int main ()
	string name;
	char letter;
	int num_of_wrong_guesses=0;
	string word;
	string words[] =

	//choose and copy a word from array of words randomly
	int n=rand()% 10;
	// Initialize the secret word with the * character.
	string unknown(word.length(),'*');

	// welcome the user
	cout << "\n\nWelcome to hangman...Guess a country Name";
	cout << "\n\nEach letter is represented by a star.";
	cout << "\n\nYou have to type only one letter in one try";
	cout << "\n\nYou have " << MAX_TRIES << " tries to try and guess the word.";
	cout << "\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~";
	// Loop until the guesses are used up
	while (num_of_wrong_guesses < MAX_TRIES)
		cout << "\n\n" << unknown;
		cout << "\n\nGuess a letter: ";
		cin >> letter;
		// Fill secret word with letter if the guess is correct,
		// otherwise increment the number of wrong guesses.
		if (letterFill(letter, word, unknown)==0)
			cout << endl << "Whoops! That letter isn't in there!" << endl;
			cout << endl << "You found a letter! Isn't that exciting!" << endl;
		// Tell user how many guesses has left.
		cout << "You have " << MAX_TRIES - num_of_wrong_guesses;
		cout << " guesses left." << endl;
		// Check if user guessed the word.
		if (word==unknown)
			cout << word << endl;
			cout << "Yeah! You got it!";
	if(num_of_wrong_guesses == MAX_TRIES)
		cout << "\nSorry, you lose...you've been hanged." << endl;
		cout << "The word was : " << word << endl;
	return 0;

/* Take a one character guess and the secret word, and fill in the
 unfinished guessword. Returns number of characters matched.
 Also, returns zero if the character is already guessed. */

int letterFill (char guess, string secretword, string &guessword)
	int i;
	int matches=0;
	int len=secretword.length();
	for (i = 0; i< len; i++)
		// Did we already match this letter in a previous guess?
		if (guess == guessword[i])
			return 0;
		// Is the guess in the secret word?
		if (guess == secretword[i])
			guessword[i] = guess;
	return matches;